Offset Printing

Offset printing is the process of producing large volume print materials in which images embossed on metal plates are transferred to rubber rollers and then onto print media. Offset printing has many advantages over other forms of printing. The main one is that it produces high quality and consistent image quality. In offset printing, the images that are to appear in the printed matter are first created on a computer and then transferred onto metal plates using technology similar to how we develop pictures from negatives in film photography.

Some Benefits from Using an Offset Press to Produce Prints

  • Commercial quantities. Offset printing is popularly known for printing commercial quantities of prints. The plates are easier to produce and they are reusable. Businesses benefit from this because the printing cost is cheap.
  • Same quality on all prints. When printing in offset, the image quality is consistent on all produced pieces. Sharp, clean, and high quality image is done because the same amount of ink is transferred on all prints.